11/3/12 Oyez Roslyn!










Mark your calendars– Oyez Roslyn! kicks off the season on the Saturday, November 3rd, at Vintage Vine. Starting at 7:30 PM a panoply of artistry will converge:

Emily Washines and Jon Shellenberger, enrolled members of the Yakama Nation, will share the personal, cultural, and geo-botanical journey of the Wapato (Sagittaria latifolia) as it reappeared in Toppenish Creek and rejoined their family’s lifeway. Emily published a case study and film “The Return of the Wapato” and works for Yakama Nation Fisheries. Jon is the Yakama Nation’s Wildlife Archaeologist and surveys the Yakama reservation, the Lower Snake and Lower Columbia Rivers for protecting and restoring Yakama Nation sacred sites.

Microballadeer Stefanie Brendler is making the trek from Seattle to serenade us with poetic pleas for accordion and voice. On a Clear Day, her solo project, showcases original work whose lyric loveliness is as strong as its haunting melodies through live-looping, electro-acoustic soundscapes and storytelling.

Cathy Cook, a Roslyn visual artist, will guide us through the life and work of Emily Carr, a painter and writer who chronicled life in British Columbia from the late 1890s until the mid-twentieth century. Inspired by the landscape, she sketched and painted in the native villages on the NW coast and she wrote about these experiences in Klee Wyck.