The 2011-2012 Season Oyez Roslyn!

Oyez Roslyn!: a convergence zone of creative expression from both sides of the Cascades.


NOVEMBER 5, 2011

We had a great kick-off event on SAT. NOV. 5, 7:30 PM that featured John Olson, Gustav Hellthaler, Darcy Batura, and Doug Kilgore in poetic consideration.

John Olson, Seattle surrealist prose writer

Gus Hellthaler, Roslyn poet and scholar of poetry

Darcy Batura, Roslyn reader on her favorite poetry

Doug Kilgore, on the Situationalists

What might even be a poetic situation, as per the Situationalists: ‘making one or more individuals critically analyze their everyday life, and to recognize and pursue their true desires in their lives.


FEBRUARY 2, 2012

February found us rambling the natural world, our humanity jangling like spurs.

Allen Braden, a native of White Swan, Washington, read from his first book of poems A Wreath of Down and Drops of Blood (University of Georgia Press).
Katy E. Ellis took us to two places: the intersection of nature and suburbia (she grew up in a wooded, suburban environment which has eroded into strip malls), and the intersection of femininity and religion (Ellis was raised in a small, conservative church from which I was excommunicated as a young woman).
Jay McGowan Cle Elum’s intellectual gadabout and maestro of things metal, read about an earlier time and a nearby place, when pioneering types were a minority.
Myke Woodwell took us on a tour of his adopted Roslyn, blending virtual and back porch technologies, Roslyn history, community homesteading, and engineering.


SEASON FINALE, March 3, 2012

The season finale of Oyez Roslyn! featured two poets:

Seattle-based poet (and software ace) Maged Zaher, originally from Cairo, a “writer simultaneously the furthest inside and the most outside the English language.” Some of his own poetry is collected in Portrait of the Poet As an Engineer, and he also translates contemporary Egyptian poetry.

Sarah Galvin is a live wire of a different sort. Her poetry can be found in a variety of literary journals including Hoarse, Pageboy, Dark Sky, on a greater variety of paper napkins, and all over the faces and torsos of people passed out at parties, though she sort of hopes they’ve washed it off by now.

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