here comes the 2014-2015! season

Another season of Oyez Roslyn! coming your way– starting on November 15,2014!

2014-15season genl smlFurther details coming very shortly.
Meantime, know that we are returning to the delightful the Roslyn Cafe (in Roslyn, WA), which means ALL our events are all ages!

Plenty of food, beer, wine, and conversation to mix it up.

Come on down and hear for yourself.


Oyez Roslyn!

Oyez Roslyn! is a series of readings, verbal riffs, and pronouncements held in Roslyn, WA, where beer, wine, and conversation mix it up with pool, tie-die, and the occasional dog.

From the curator, Ellie Belew:
“I have listened to lots of readings, and have done my share of reading.
I wanted to create a situation where the audience didn’t have to sit quietly in rows of folding chairs. I wanted a comfortable place with good beer and a variety of locals.
I also wanted those presenting their work to stick around to hobnob with each other and those who just heard their work rather than heading off into the sunset.

In April 2010 I pulled together a prototype reading at Marko’s.

I got the idea while I was in EDGE, an invaluable professional development program for writers put on by Artist Trust.”

We had our first Oyez Roslyn! season from fall 2010 through spring 2011.
Followed by a fabulous three-some of events from fall 2011 through spring of 2012.