Oyez Roslyn! returns, February 20, 2016

Hold onto your hats—we’re headed for another Oyez event.

Same place, downstairs at Basecamp Books. Arrive early, get a good seat and order up refreshments. We’ll start the program at 8:00 pm.

The lineup is:

FIONA McGUIGAN, visual artist

KIM ZABELLE, violinist and teacher

BEN MALETZKE, wildlife biologist and cougar expert

Born of Scottish parents, raised in Switzerland, trained in the Netherlands, Fiona McGuigan now resides in Seattle. In addition to her work as a painter, she is also the co-creator of the Duwamish Artist Residency.


“As a studio artist I use repetition and memorization as part of my painting process. It’s how I explore and understand my subject matter and how I work through representation towards abstraction. My inspiration comes from the simple act of repetition. I push hard through the process, willing to fail repeatedly, just to create something that I could never have imagined.”

zabelle small jpegKim Zabelle’s Oyez Roslyn! performance is one in a series of recitals for audiences in New York City, New Jersey, and concluding in Seattle, featuring four composers’ masterworks for unaccompanied violin. She was inspired to put this solo program together and take it on the road by her dear friend and Roslyn resident, Glenn Rudolph.

Kim is in her twenty-fifth season with the acclaimed Pacific NW Ballet Orchestra. She is ensconced in the Seattle studio recording scene, with recent projects that include soundtracks for The Revenant and World of Warcraft. Her broad command of the music repertoire spans early Medieval/Renaissance improvisation techniques to soundtrack recordings.



Ben Maletzke is a carnivore biologist for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and has been researching the population BluesCougarand spatial ecology of cougars, Canada lynx, wolves, and bears in Washington State for 15 years.

Ben’s PhD research was focused on effects of anthropogenic* influences on cougar spatial ecology. As part of that work, he coordinated a community-involved research project on cougars (Project CAT) near Cle Elum.

Ben’s presentation will share how research that Ben and his colleagues conducted across Washington on cougars has been assembled into new management guidelines for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

*anthropogenic: relating to or resulting from the influence that humans have on the natural world


Oyez Roslyn! coming up—-January 16, 2016

We’ll be at BASECAMP BOOKS again, this time in their new downstairs event space.

8pm, Saturday, January 16. Arrive early, order refreshments, nab a good seat.

Come and see for yourself:

  • GUS HELLTHALER, poet and musician
  • MARIA CRISTALLI, a local blacksmith
  • RALPH LAMPMAN, lamprey research biologist and rapper


gus hellthayer pixLatitudinarian, defrocked draftsman, and carpenter, Gustav Hellthaler will be reading from Wallace Stevens and from some of his own poetry. He says this:

“Unlike the woman in Stevens’ poem church bells stopped ringing for me when I was twelve. Religion, mythology, or all philosophy for that matter, are like a first language lost; words come to mind and are understood, but inexpressible. The beauty of the world around me is sufficient to my needs.

“Should a recognizable eagle emerge from my efforts my head will soar and fly me post haste into a bar so I can whelm the words awash inside. The eagle says: ‘Poetry is to literature what snowballs are to winter. Sometimes you hit your mark and come to regret it.'”



Maria Cristalli gets inspired by working at the forge. She loves the material, the process, and the experimentation that can be done with fire, hammer and anvil. Her work has been displayed in museums and galleries including the National Ornamental Metals Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, has been featured on HGTV’s program, ‘Modern Masters’, and will soon be aired on ‘Handcrafted America’ on the INSP channel.

She will talk about the process of forging and show pictures of her architectural and sculptural work over the years.

Photo by Monica J. Frisell



ralph Lampman Slide7Ralph Lampman (aka Lamp-rey-man) has been working as a Lamprey Research Biologist  for the Yakama Nation Fisheries since 2012. Pacific Lamprey, commonly called “eels” by tribal members and others, is an incredibly important species for the Columbia River tribes in terms of food, medicine, and culture. They also serve many roles in the stream ecology, benefiting many, many native species.

Ralph will demystify Pacific Lamprey secrets in relation to biology, ecology, and more, using photos, videos, and songs. He will also provide a synopsis for the work that has been done to restore this important species.



November 14, 2015: Oyez Roslyn! returns

all earsHear, here, in our new venue:
8pm, Saturday, November 14

LINDA DAVIDSON: painting, drawing, viewing

STANISLOVE: melodic roots, rants, and blues

KATHARINE WHITCOMB: lyrical narratives and poetry



Linda Davidson StudioLinda Davidson is an artist who has resided in Seattle for the past 20 years. Using drawing and painting media, her work traverses style, media and genre to explore the ways that one image can effect the experience of another, and the idea that what and how we see is governed by what and how we’ve seen before.




Chalicki_webStanislove says, “I’m a songwriter who started out ages ago as a folksinger—but Blues soon became my favorite folk music—a keen observer of life performing roots blues and original songs on acoustic guitar and bottleneck dobro, with friends occasionally joining in on a variety of acoustic instruments in the American tradition. We play with heart, humor and passion in a style designed to get your feet and body moving.”




Photograph copyrighted by Rosanne Olson.
Photograph copyrighted by Rosanne Olson.

Katharine Whitcomb is the author of four collections of poems: The Daughter’s Almanac, winner of the 2014 The Backwaters Press Prize, Lamp of Letters, winner of the 2009 Floating Bridge Chapbook Award, Saints of South Dakota & Other Poems, and Hosannas. She teaches at CWU and lives in Ellensburg.


2015-2016: new season coming up!


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday, February 20, 2016

We’ll announce the 2015-2016 lineup soon: GREAT writers, visual artists, musicians, naturalists, and our Yakama neighbors.

One thing that will be different: we have a new location. Our November event will be at the new Basecamp Books and Bites, 110 W Pennsylvania, Roslyn, WA.